Early Birds Are Always Rewarded

Early Birds Are Always Rewarded

Right Time to start Engineering and Medical Entrance Preparation:

The right time to prepare for Medical & Engineering Entrances is one of the sought after questions everyone yearns an insightful answer. But no one come up with the correct answer. Thus, on having conducted a survey for the last several years, almost all the institutes discovered that the first 100 rankers in IIT-JEE and PMT started their preparation early. Most of them started since their VII standard. In fact, early preparation plays pivotal role in the success of students. Contrary to general belief that the preparation for Engineering & Medical Entrance in the right earnest starts at XI & XII standards, it is wise to start early that ensures the chances of success to its optimum.

Advantages of Early Bird:

It is rightly said that ‘Early Birds Are Always Rewarded’. We can derive example from our daily life that when we start any work early we complete it in time thereby we also spare time for improvement, and in the end our work stands out. Thus, it is wise to streamline the students direct towards their goal while they are in their schools – this will help them in starting towards their goals without getting distracted from ‘Teen-Age’ blues.

Start early means finish early – and this is an advantage to have an edge over majority of others students. If you look at the result of toppers, 98% of them started at an early stage while they were in their schools. By joining Foundation courses students get the orientation of competitive ecosystem that helps them to streamline their preparation focussed towards the competitive exams of their choice. If students wish to succeed, they have to start early.