Courses Through OMM

1 Year Classroom Programme For Class VIII

This programme focuses on developing certain attributes in students such as Scientific temperament, Mathematical aptitude,Reasoning skills & Problem solving aptitude, besides inculating early awareness of competitive exams.

Classes Schedule 2-day in a week for 7.5 hrs
Saturday 04:15 PM – 07:30 PM (3.0 hrs - 2 classes in a day).

Sunday 10:00 AM – 03:15 PM (4.5 hrs - 4 classes in a day)
Programme Hours 300 hours (Including 'Tests & Discussions).

Programme Objective:

The programme helps students in training their brain to think logically and also sharpens their IQs to inculate scientific temper, life-skills and common aptitude.

Ideal Programme:

For Class VIII students, who wish to prepare for NTSE, Olympiads and other School Level Scholarship Tests

Subject Taught:

Science, Mathematics, Mental Ability, English & Social Studies


    Salient Features:
  • Creating synergy between the preparation of school curriculum & competitive exams
  • Sharpens latent skills of students and prepares them to face the challenges ahead in life
  • Students get friendly environment for personal exploration and common skill enhancement
  • Advantages of early starters for having more time before the actual competitive exams
  • A team of IITians as faculty member employs innovative teaching methodology
  • Every year IIT-Delhi campus visit to see the innovation in science at 'Open House'

S. No Name of Test Frequency Duration
1 C-CAT 15-21 Days 1.5 Hrs
2 Phase Test 30-45 Days 3.0 Hrs
3 Internal Quiz 7 Days 10 Min
4 School Exam Mock Test (Subjective) 21-30 Days 2.0 Hrs
5 Olympiad Mock Test 3 Months before exams 3.0 Hrs
C-CAT - Comprehensive Chapter-wise Assessment Test