OASIS Merit Marathon (OMM-2022)


Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome to OASIS Merit Marathon [OMM]-2022!

It seems rather informal communicating to parents and students through a single channel! In fact, parents are the real well-wishers of their offspring – a universal truth; and students are the architect of their own destiny. Thus, congregating them in communication would be the necessity to bring transparency and avoid further glitches! Thence, active intervention of parents in ensuring the quality of education their children receive, and the career choices they make, is indispensable.


Admittedly, you wish to see your children reach unprecedented heights in every walk of their lives in general and Education & Career-Making in particular. So, it would be the natural choice for you to get into the club of glorified parents, whose children have brought laurels in their respective career-options as well as their academics. But getting the pinnacle of this patronage that brings pride is not as easy as it seems. You need to be active, agile and time-trending parents like those of outperformers.

Fortunately, OASIS, Gurgaon – a leader in Coaching, Training & Guidance for Medical & Engineering and Foundation Level Entrance Tests like Olympiads, NTSE and other competitive exams has all set to conduct OASIS Merit Marathon (OMM) – 2022. The students selected through Foundation Courses last year scripted history in 2016 by clinching International Rank-1st & 28th in NSO (National Science Olympiad) and Rank 5th, 8th, 25th & 40th in International Mathematics Olympiads (IMO). Likewise, our students secured 1st, 26th, 68th & 92nd Ranks in International Talent Hunt Olympiad (ITHO) and 19th, 87th & 93rd Ranks in International Olympiad of Science (IOS) respectively in 2017

The OMM is a Talent Hunt Exam that opens a lucrative opportunity for the students of class (VI-X) to appear, get selected and avail entitled scholarship. In this process, deserving students are selected and the outperformers get cash prizes and upto 100% scholarship in terms of fee waiver to OASIS Classroom Programmes. Further, if a student has shown remarkable talent, then he/she will get the opportunity to enrol into OASIS Achiever’s Batch that offers free education such as food, lodging and fee waiver.

In fact, most of the top rankers in JEE and PMT Entrance Exams were started preparing for their Exams well ahead of others. As competitive examinations are becoming tough every year, it is indispensable for a student to build strong foundation and bring conceptual clarity as early as possible. Aiming to fill this massive gap, OASIS Early Bird Programme has been designed that provides the sincere students that extra edge over others.


You are the most precious gem on the passage of TIME; and also the real assets for your parents, family, society and the nation! Well! But have you ever discovered who you are? What’s the significance of your birth on the planet? Do think it over...! You are an individual having your own identity; your own life, liberty and also the rights to gain everything you wish under the sun. If you really wish to make your own identity in the arena of education thereby pursuing your dream career whatever it is – Medical, Engineering, Law, CA, IAS & MBA, this is the right time to awake and join OMM-2022 – open to all!

The OMM will serve a platform to you to know the dynamics of competitive exams at an early age, and develop analytical skills, ability for self-evaluation – these features will help you out in turning an astute competitor at an early age. Having acquired these qualities at an early age, you will be able to sail through the later competitive roadblocks of your career.

Your doting parents are possessive to provide you quality education so that you might be able to realise the dream career you aspire. The ‘Career-Building-Initiative’ we have exhibited, is one of the paths leading toward your destination, and we are equally concerned to make your career – bright and embellished one. Your spiralling career is supposed to bring drastic changes in our society making India a ‘Knowledge Society’ thereby putting her into the comity of developed nations.

Happy Reading!
Happy Winning!
All the Best!

Optimistically Yours
OASIS Learning Systems, Gurgaon